wendy king

                            Wendy King

lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Artist Statement

The main themes of my art practice are ideas of nostalgia, mythology, chance and spontaneity. My works are also
influenced by the characteristics of my chosen medium - paper texture, print colours, graphic lines - of any type
and quality. My initial training as a printmaker informs my collage practice.

Recently I've been experimenting with 'fast collage' where I make collages within 20 minutes (not including gluing),
doing a 'lucky-dip' into my collection of images as a starting point, and building the image until the timer goes off.
The idea came about while trying to break through a creative block and was inspired by two unrelated creative
sources: quick gestural drawings and improvisation theatre. It's also provided a counter-balance to my more considered
and sustained works.

By working with aged material, I consider collage to be the creation of pseudo-historical records of images throughout
the decades. Sourced from magazines, books, old photos and encyclopaedias, my works are a potted history of styles
set in strange yet nostalgic worlds.

Master of Creative Arts (Visual Arts), University of Wollongong, 2012.
Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours), Sydney College of the Arts, 2008.
Solo Exhibitions
2013The Intruders, Studio 19, Wollongong.
2012The Memory Collectors, FCA Gallery, Faculty of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong, 18-26 Oct.
2008Random Manipulations, exit gallery, Sydney College of the Arts, 25 Mar-4 Apr.
Group Exhibitions
2013Finalist, Group 2 Online, Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award.
2013Finalist, She, Walker Street Gallery & Arts Centre, Dandenong, VIC, 7-28 Mar.
2012Postcodes From The Edge, Wollongong City Gallery, 18 Feb-15 Apr.
2007Painterly Prints, Benson Hall Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, USA, 12-16 May.
2006Let's Take This Outside, Newspace, Sydney College of the Arts.
2005Year of the Rooster, exit gallery, Sydney College of the Arts.
2006 Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Exchange Scholarship - Rhode Island School of Design, USA, Jan-May, 2007.

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